“Why on Earth should a website with a super boring minimal CSS has something to do with Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs)?

The easy answer is that naming doesn’t care about tech acronyms. They used to shorten my name that way, so that’s it. ‘‘Remember when you were young?’‘…”

Music I was into music before I could read properly. I started a podcast on DIY Musicians – The Podcast of the Bedroom Revolution and realized how hard it is to produce something with a constant schedule and other commitments. Work won on it, but past episodes are still on Spreaker.

Further music stuff is on Soundcloud. EPs and song are being written and partly recorded.

Academia I’ve been trained as a philosopher and then got my Ph.D. in legal philosophy (faculty of Law). I am been doing academic philosophy for the last 10 years. Here are my old pages on Academia.edu and Researchgate and the like.